Legal Document Assistants


Carol Ramirez, CLA, LDA
In Trust Legal
Certified Legal Document Assistant
Registered / Bonded / Notary Public
Professional with 35 years legal experience

864 Osos St, Ste D
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
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Office: (805) 439-0715

Carol Ramirez CLA, LDA is a Certified Legal Assistant (CLA) and a registered and bonded Legal Document Assistant (LDA), a non-lawyer alternative serving San Luis Obispo County providing self-help legal services to the public with affordable legal documents written by attorneys and assistance completing judicial council forms. Document preparation services include:

Estate Planning
• Revocable Living Trust
• Certification of Trust
• Last Will and Testament
• Trust Amendments & Will Codicils
• Financial Power of Attorney
• Healthcare Directive
• Probate
Real Estate Transactions
• Real Estate Deeds
• Homestead Declarations
• Transfer on Death Affidavits
• Purchase and Sale Agreements
• Petition to Determine Succession to Real Property
Employment Agreements
• Employee Agreement
• Independent Contractor Agreement
Family Law
• Divorce
• Child Support Modification/Enforcement Orders
• Adult Name Changes
Business Agreements
• Purchase Agreements
• Partnership Agreements
• Formation Documents

In Trust Legal is not a law firm. We cannot give legal advice.
We can only provide self-help services at your specific direction.
San Luis Obispo County LDA # 250