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Presented by R. Jeffrey Herten, MD

Alcohol on the Stand


Raised in Southern California, Jeff went to USC undergraduate, UC Irvine to Medical School, Interned at LA County-USC Med Center, and did his residency in Dermatology and fellowship in Dermatopathology at UC Irvine. He has been on the clinical faculty there for over four decades.


Dr. Herten practices Dermatology in San Luis Obispo, California. He lives in the country with his wife, Debby, as well as horses, burros, tortoises, dogs, and cats. He enjoyed a thirty-year career as a marathon and ultra-marathon runner, and has competed in endurance horse racing and Ride & Tie for thirty years. Jeff and Debby’s other passion is scuba diving which they enjoy with their children and grand children.

Jeff is a recovering high functioning alcoholic. His medical expertise equipped him to research the health hazards of alcohol and to write The Sobering Truth: What you don’t know can kill you. He is passionate about educating young people about the risks of drinking and is passionate about sharing his extensive knowledge of the subject with any audience.